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In my experience


Living with internalized ableism is constantly feeling like you are incapable of doing things and then hating yourself for not being able to do things.

Because you should just be able to do things. Why can’t you do things? Just do it! Just do it! JUST DO IT ALREADY

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You know who hates on Kanye?

  1. boring ass fuckboys
  2. fuckboys who hate seeing a black man make it

Or you know, people with musical taste.

^boring ass fuckboy running an anti-feminist blog^

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Black Nannies/White Children: Photo Series Reveals the Racial Divide in Child Care

Photographer Ellen Jacob created a photo series that delves into the lives of New York Citynannies.

The series highlights something we already knew: there is an extreme racial divide that characterizes the home child care industry.

After spending four years scouring the streets for willing subjects she discovered the majority of caregivers, aged 23 to 60, were immigrants living on the minimum wage with no sick pay, holidays or health benefits.

The photographer noted the disparity between the women’s value to the families they care for and the compensation they receive, “Mothers talk about who much they love these women and they’re part of the family yet when it comes to money they tend to be much more tight.” (via TheCulture)

"Racism has always perplexed me in this way: White supremacy claims that black people are sub-human and savage, yet it seems wholly content with leaving the raising of its children to us. 

For me, that means one of two things (or both) are true:
1. White supremacy doesn’t really believe its own propaganda.
2. It hates its children.”
-H/T Malkia Hutchinson (via sonofbaldwin)

*sips the tea*

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why is non-black people wearing cornrows / box braids / gelling down nonexistent baby hairs is the newest edgiest fashion trend like why is being corny af the top of the fashion list atm like have y’all never heard of having a good wholesome time and not acting out?


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The cops killed Eric Garner. Everything you need to know is on the tape. We can hear him screaming that he can’t breathe. We can see them not letting go of him or releasing pressure off his head and neck. We can see the illegal choke hold the cop had him in. We can also notice that he didn’t swing at any of the officers. So what clues are you searching for??? What investigation is there to do??? What don’t you understand???

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people who have the audacity to mention the PTSD that U.S. soldiers’ face as a result of their actions in Afghanistan but conveniently leave out the large number of Afghans that develop PTSD as a result of those actions.

Your fucking husband’s PTSD, brought about after he “accidentally” killed a little girl, will be treated in time and given all the attention. My family members will never be accorded that opportunity. 

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These are women who have to fight to be included within the category ‘woman,’ in a way that is not dissimilar from the earlier struggles of black women and women of color who were assigned the gender female at birth.
Angela Davis on trans women, from this talk (via kinkykinkshamer)

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